GREEN DISC version 2.0

GREEN DISC - Save up to 90% chain lube

Save up to 90% lube.

A greener planet? It´s in your hands! With GREEN DISC no oil flows into the rag, no oil splashes around. No harmful substances get into the soil and groundwater. Less pollution, more riding pleasure.

A product for a lifetime. The GREEN DISC can be easily refilled and has an unlimited lifespan. The lubricator wheel is interchangeable & biodegradable.

FAQ & Specifications

FAQs (click here) /// Works with all bicycle chains /// refillable /// unlimited life span /// works with all common low to medium viscosity oils. Not suitable for waxes and solvent-based lubricants. /// dimensions: approx. 68 x 20 mm (2.5 x 0.75 inch)  /// weight: 40 gram (1.4oz) /// interchangeable & biodegradable lubricator wheel – offered as replacement