Yes, with the GREEN DISC you can maintain any bicycle chain. No matter what type of bike you have, as long as your chain is accessible.

Not really, the application is almost self-explanatory. Watch our videos (coming soon) before using the GREEN DISC for the first time - it's easy.

Absolutely not. The GREEN DISC has an unlimited lifespan and can be easily refilled. The lubricator wheel is interchangeable & biodegradable. It is is made from natural fibers.

It would be great if you use a biodegradable oil, but the GREEN DISC works with all common low to medium viscosity chain oils. Please note that it is NOT SUITABLE for wax, water and solvent-based lubricants, as these dry out quickly.

First use

You receive your GREEN DISC dry and should fill it first. There is a video manual for this here (coming soon). On the BIO CHAIN LUBE bottle we have also placed a filling mark, so that you fill the correct amount of oil. If you use your own oil, please do not fill the GREEN DISC with more than 25 ml.

Please contact us per email – We're glad to help you. Usually you will receive our answer within a few hours during business days. (Support in English only)