Our team

We are product designers specialized on smart bicycle accessories. Since 2014, when we started our first concept of a new-generation bicycle reflector, this project has grown to a well-known brand and a full-time business for a team of bike enthusiasts.

For our product inventions we have received several international major awards in the past: ISPO BRANDNEW FINALIST 2017, EUROBIKE AWARD WINNER 2017, EUROBIKE AWARD WINNER 2018, GERMAN DESIGN AWARD WINNER 2018 and GERMAN DESIGN AWARD WINNER 2020.

DRIVT.BIKE is a new brand focusing on eco-friendly and comfortable bike products.

If you think "(Wo)man, I have seen the GREEN DISC before somewhere" you are absolutely right. This product innovation of a disc-based chain tool has been developed by our team, and if you want to be sure to you get a really sophisticated tool, please support us.

Your DRIVT.BIKE team